Radical-Islamic terrorisM Incident Chronology

Radical-Islamic terrorisM Incident Chronology


The Nineteen Eighties (1980 to 1989)


  1. United Kingdom, April 30: Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan start the Iranian Embassy Siege in London

  2. Belgium, July 27: A member of the Abu Nidal Organization carried out a grenade attack on a group of Jews waiting for a bus in Antwerp, Belgium, killing a child and wounding twenty others. Said Al Nasr will be convicted for this act.


  1. Egypt, October 6: Assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat by Islamic Jihad.


  1. France, March 29: A bomb on board the Paris-Toulouse train kills five and injures 27 people. Carlos assumed to be responsible.

  2. United States, August 11: Pan Am Flight 830, a Boeing 747, was flying Northwest of Hawaii when a bomb exploded, killing 16-year-old Toru Ozawa, and injuring 15 other people. 5 May Organization believed to be responsible.

  3. Lebanon, September 14: Assassination of Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel and twenty-five others in a car explosion at the Kataeb headquarters.

  4. Belgium, September 18: Four people are wounded when a synagogue in Brussels is attacked in a "shoot and run" incident. Guards were taken by surprise and the gunman, believed to be from the Abu Nidal Organization, escaped.


  1. Lebanon and United States, April 18: 1983 United States Embassy bombing takes place. A stolen van carrying 2,000 pounds of explosives slammed into the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon killing 63 people including 18 Americans.

  2. United Arab Emirates, September 23: Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, killing all 117 people on board.

  3. Lebanon, United States and France, October 23: Marine Barracks Bombing occurs. A truck carrying 2500 pounds of explosives crashed through the gates of a US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 American servicemen and wounding 81. Hezbollah responsible. 58 French troops from the multinational force
    are also killed in a separate attack. Hezbollah also responsible.
  4. France, December 31: On the way to New Year's Eve seven persons are killed and 70 wounded by bombs on the Marseille to Paris TGV and at the St-Charles station in Marseille. The attack is attributed to Carlos on behalf of the O.L.A.


  1. Israel, March 7: three killed and nine injured in the bombing of a civilian bus in Ashdod.

  2. Israel, April 2: 48 people are wounded by a machine gun attack on a crowded shopping mall in Jerusalem.

  3. Lebanon, September 20: U.S. embassy annex bombed in Beirut killing 20.


  1. Hezbollah, Greece, June 14: TWA Flight 847 skyjacking, Hezbollah, see FBI Most Wanted Terrorists. Terrorists take passengers of an Athens-Rome flight hostage, murdering US Navy Seaman, Robert Stethem.

  2. Denmark, July 22: Two near-simultaneous bombs in Copenhagen, at the Jewish synagogue and at the offices of Northwest Orient, explode, killing one and injuring 32. The bombers are interrupted while placing a third, more powerful, bomb, which they later dispose of in the city's harbour. The bombs are later linked to Islamic Jihad.

  3. Egypt, Italy and United States, October 7 – October 10: Achille Lauro cruise
    ship hijacking by Palestinian Liberation Front, during which passenger Leon Klinghoffer, a 69 year-old wheelchair-bound Jewish American citizen, is shot dead and thrown overboard.
  4. Malta, November 23: EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacked by Abu Nidal group, flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and explosions.

  5. France, December 7: Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops, two bombs, 51 injured, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah

  6. Italy and Austria, December 27: Rome and Vienna Airport Attacks.


  1. Israel, A bomb place on a bus in the West Bank kills one and severely injures three. A Jordanian Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta is arrested, extradited to Israel, convicted, sentenced to life in prison and freed by the Israeli Supreme Court. After the September 11 attacks, he was confused with ringleader Egyptian Mohammed Atta.

  2. France, February 3: Paris, Claridge passage (Champs Élysées) seven injured, another bomb failed to explode in the Eiffel tower, pro-Iranian (Fouad Ali Saleh group)

  3. Greece, April 2: TWA Flight 840 bombed on approach to Athens airport; four passengers (all of them American), including an infant, are killed. A group calling itself the Arab Revolutionary Cells claimed responsibility, saying it was committed because of "American arrogance" and clashes with Libya in the Gulf of Sidra the week before.

  4. United States and Germany April 5: 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing. A Berlin discotheque frequented by US servicemen was bombed, killing 3 people--A Turkish woman and two US servicemen--and injuring 230 including over 50 US servicemen. Libya was held responsible for this act.

  5. Pakistan, September 5: Pan Am Flight 73, an American civilian airliner, is hijacked; 22 people die when plane is stormed in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of 359 passengers and crew survive. The attack was carried out by Muslim extremists and was possibly sponsored by Libya.

  6. Iraq, December 25: Iraqi Airways Flight 163 is hijacked. The pro-Iranian group "Islamic Jihad" claimed responsibility.


  1. United Kingdom and United States December 21: Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. At the time, it was the worst act of terrorism perpetrated against the United States, and involved the greatest number of peacetime fatalities (270) in the United Kingdom.

  2. United States, Month unknown.: Jordanian terrorist detonates bomb on railroad tracks ahead of US Duty Train enroute from West Germany to West Berlin while traversing East Germany. No significant injuries.


  1. Saudi Arabia, July 9: Two bombs explode in Mecca, killing one pilgrim and wounding 16 others.

  2. France, September 19: Suitcase-bomb destroys UTA Flight UT-772 en route to Paris, killing all 171 passengers and crew. Libyan intelligence involved.